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Exchange 2010 UM QoS Policy – A Picture Story

Setting up QoS (Quality of Service) Marking for Exchange 2010 UM As promised here is a high level picture guide on how to set up the QoS marking GPO for Exchange 2010 UM to mark outbound RTP traffic as DSCP 46 – EF. The pictures are for a local policy but the same idea applies …

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Cisco TMS & IIS Authentication

TMS & IIS You Need to Play Nice! So one of the many projects I have is to upgrade our aged and dusty legacy Tandberg Management System version 10. To a new shiny Cisco TMS system version 14.1.1. Given the limited number of endpoints we decided to forgo the pain of doing an upgrade and …

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Exchange 2010 UM Quality of Service (QoS) – You Hurt Me So

First a story, and by story I mean rant: So I know QoS and Microsoft are like oil and water. As much as they would beg to differ they don’t really want to know about the network layer they run on. They would just like to assume we all have 10Gbe links everywhere including to …

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Apache Virtual Host Configuration

Apache virtual Host

What is an Apache Virtual Host? So for whatever reason I always find myself having to look up how one makes virtual hosts in Apache. For you that don’t know what a virtual host is, it’s basically being able to host multiple DNS names via a single IP on a web server. Rather important unless …

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Shut that beep up! (Silent Music on Hold)

So the situation is pretty simple. VP is having a lovely conference call with umpteen million staff members and in the middle of it someone has the brilliant idea to take another call placing the conference on hold…. Lets just say listening to the awesome Cisco hold music for the next 15 minutes didn’t go over as well as …

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Blog New Home

So I’ve decided to up and leave Google Blogger in favor of a self hosted WordPress site. Why? Well mainly just because I couldn’t find a theme that jived with me. I’m the first to admit I’m a developer not a designer. An engineer not an artist Jim! All and all though it’s been a …

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