Who Are you? – Tim Franklin…

So if you’ve made it this far it’s clear you have some curiosity to know a bit about the crazy behind all the condescending comments. First lets start with some stats shall we:

Name: Tim Franklin

Occupation: Network Engineer – VoIP focus

Long Term Goal: Attain CCIE Voice – Why I don’t know, I think I have a chemical imbalance in my brain.

Home: Portland, OR – Metro Area

Hobbies: Gaming, Hiking, random home projects, Digital Media (spending far too much time with XBMC)


Linux (Red Hat based) > Mac OS X > Windows

Open Source / Free Knowledge = Awesome!

Android > Apple iOS

Star Trek Voyager > Star Trek The Next Generation > Star Trek Enterprise > Star Trek Deep Space Nine > The Original Series

WordPress = Drupal depending on purpose.

Better to do extra work for a better outcome than settle for mediocre.

What Are You Trying to Accomplish Here?

I guess my aim of Tripplehelix.net is pretty straight forward. Dump some knowledge out of my brain on issues or things I encounter that seem interesting. Re-enforce some of my own ideas for learning and share it with whoever comes along. Oh and most importantly blow off some steam about the other painful problems / issues I encounter along my journey of working with Cisco UC and other products.


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