CCNA Voice Study – Installing CUCME PART 1

CUCME is comprised of multiple files and file types compared to a single unified Bin file like IOS. CUCME is comprised of the following: Basic Files, GUI Files, XME Temple File, Music on Hold (MOH) Files, Script Files, and Miscellaneous Files.

To install CUCME you must first have a matching IOS version to support it such as advanced IP services or advanced enterprise services. See the Cisco download area for the proper IOS version to download to match with the CUCME version you will be installing.

Once the IOS is upgraded issue the following command:
Archive tar /xtract tftp://(ip address)/cme-full-7.0.tar flash:

Replace the details above to your actual release. This will then TFTP the tar file and extract it in real time to the flash storage. Now that all the files are on the router we need to make them accessible to the IP phones for their firmware etc. Issue the following commands:

Tftp-server flash:/phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.bin alias P00308000500.bin

What this is doing is telling the router to share out that Pxxx file via TFTP and also should a device just ask for that file and not provide a full path it will still send it. This is important as the phones will only ask for the file and not the path where that file resides. Do this for all the remaining files in that folder adjusting file names accordingly. You will also need to repeat this process for all the backgrounds, MOH files ect that the phones will need.

Now that the files are served up we need to configure some of the CUCME parameters. The majority of the commands will be issued under the telephony-service configuration mode. Four key things must be configured for the ISR to service IP Phones.

Maximum Number of Phones and DNs
Firmware load files
Source IP address information
Generated configuration files.

Commands are as follows:
Max-ephones (number of phones you’re licensed for)
Max-dn (number of lines, if you had four 2 line phones this would be 8)
Load 7960-7940 (or phone model you’re using) P00308000500
If you don’t know what firmware to use Google CME 7.x and your phone model, there will be a firmware version specified by Cisco.

More to come in part 2.

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