CCNP Voice Notes – Call Legs / Dial Peers

Call Legs
Every voice call to be completed must have a minimum of two call legs. An Incoming call leg and an Outgoing call leg.

POTS Call Leg – Connected to a non-VoIP network such as POTS line, PRI, BRI etc.
VoIP Call Leg – Connected to a VoIP network such as SIP, H.323.

Dial Peers 
Destination Pattern – Used to match the called telephone number.
Incoming Called-Number – ONLY Considered on selecting inbound dial-peer when it matches the original dialed/called number.
Answer-address – ONLY Considered on selecting inbound dial-peer when it matches the original calling number

Call Number aka DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)
Calling Number aka ANI (Automatic Number Identification)



0-9 A-D * #

All numbers that exist on the phone keypad.

Plus +

First character designates E.164 number; otherwise it specifies that the digit before occurred one or more times.

Period .

Matches any entered digit


The digit before occurred either zero or more times.


Repeats the digit before zero or one time. Press ctrl-v to disable context help to enter the ?

Circumflex ^

Indicates a match to the beginning of the string.


Matches the null string at the end of the string.


Makes router wait till all digits are collected. Means variable length.


Followed by a single character, matches that character.

Brackets [ ]

Indicates a range

Parentheses ( )

Indicates a pattern





Explicitly matches 5555


Matches 5550 – 55559


Matches 5553 – 5559


Matches 5 or 5555


Matches 555 or 55555…555


Matches 5555


Matches 9 – 999999999999 until digits are done being entered

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