CUCM 9.1 AMD Virtual Machine


So as you may or may not know Cisco has a hit and miss relationship with compiling for AMD processors. Case in point I’ve spun up CUCM 7.1.5 and 8.6SU2 on my AMD VMHost and it’s a happy camper. However I recently wanted to start working on setting up my lab with 9.1 and get the ELM (Enterprise License Manager) well understood.

So I used the 9.1 OVA template let the installer go through its paces and all seemed fine. Until I went to activate all the needed services for phone fun. Mainly IP Voice and Media Streaming service would attempt to start and then stop. And without out this I can’t have MTP, Conference Bridge or Hold Music resources. And terrible hold music is one my the highlights of my job. Ok that might an exaggeration but you get the point something was amiss.


So some quick digging turned up the AMD issue, see thread on the Cisco Support Forums. Basically they failed to include the .Athlon directories so when the kernel goes to load drivers for my AMD architecture it has none for IP Media Streaming service.  Easy enough to fix with a CentOS iso. I made the changes per the forum post and restarted the machine. However I faced a new issue, SELinux busily freaking out that someone had L33t H@x0Red the system. Now this I knew how to fix as I’ve setup enough REHL style boxes to know where to gut SELiux at.

So boot the VM again off the CentOS iso and then edit /etc/selinux/config change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=permissive. This will allow it to keep complaining but not stop the system from booting. And with that IP Media Streaming starts and I can have my horrible hold music.

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