Dropbox + Git + Aptana Studio 3 = Amazing

Dropbox + Git + Aptana Studio 3 = Amazing

So I’m setting off to develop a little application. I figured from past experience the sooner I start myself off using a version control system of some sort the better. Not that I would ever have overwritten my work and lost hours of productivity. No, no I’m sure I’ve never done that… I’ve used Git in the past and it worked well however I figure let’s go for the gold here I want to work on maybe multiple machines. And maybe I want to use an IDE to make my life easier. My go to IDE for simplicity has always been Aptana Studio 3 just due to its ease of use, oh and it’s free. Remember I’m not a developer I just play one in my spare time.

So now we’re up to two pieces of the puzzle Git for version control and Aptana for my IDE. But what do? about getting my Git repository to multiple machine and not having it out on some free repository site I may or may not trust. Ah Ha! Dropbox to the rescue, I already have it installed on all my machines anyway, and if I wanted to fan out development to others it’s easy peasy to share out a Dropbox folder.

So the complete picture is Dropbox + Git + Aptana Studio 3. So here’s how to make them all play together.


  1. Get a Dropbox account and create a folder for your project. (If you don’t know how well sorry I can’t help you, I’d suggest moving to the shallower part of the pool before you drown.)
  2. Download Git for your various systems you’ll be doing development work from. I use Centos and Windows primary.
    1. Centos: yum install git
    2. Windows: Go download it click click click next it’s windows come on.
  3. Setup Git for your author information. Do this for all locations you installed Git and will be authoring from.
    1. Your Name: git config –global user.name “Tim Franklin”
    2. Your Email: git config –global user.email johndoe@example.com
  4. Initialize your Git repository inside your Dropbox project folder. This can be done from any machine that has Git installed and access to your Dropbox files.
    1. Change directory to where your project will live at.
      1. cd ~/home/Dropbox/Project/Project-Awesome
      2. git init –bare
  5. Setup Aptana Studio 3 to know where Git is installed at.
    1. Window > Preferences > Team > GitAptana Studio 3 Git Setup
  6. Import Git repository into Aptana as a new project.
    1. File > Import > Git > Git Repository as New Project
    2. Next
    3. The URI path should be to the local Dropbox copy of the Git project folder.
      1. file://G:/Documents/Dropbox/Projects/Project-Awesome
      2. Click Finish

Git repository settings in Aptana Studio 3 import

At this point you now should see thee project listed in the Project Explorer pane. You can now add files and edit till your heart’s content. When you’re ready to update them right-click on the project or file Go to Team > Commit. This will then prompt you on what files to commit and what your comment is. This starts the Git commit process locally, you can then go to Team > Push which will upload them to the Dropbox folder.

Always remember to commit and push your changes and do a Team > Pull on your other workstations to ensure you’re working with an up to date copy of the repository. If all goes well you’ll now have a nice Git version history for the lifetime of the project. Which you can see by going to Team > Show in Resource History.

Aptana Studio 3 Git HistoryHopefully this gets you started in the right direction. Happy Coding!

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