Upgrade Rommon

I guess today is a rommon intensive day; I was curious what the process was to upgrade the rommon on a 2801. It’s pretty straight forward. Please note there is no real gain to upgrading your rommon unless there is a new feature that you need which is in the update.

1. Download rommon file for your platform. Example C2801_RM2.srec.124-13r.T5 is the latest and greatest for the 2801.
2. TFTP this file to Flash.
3. Router#upgrade rom-monitor file flash:C2801_RM2.srec.124-13r.T5
4. This will erase the Field-upgrade rommon memory area with the new file and reboot your router.
5. Confirm new rommon loaded with the show ver command output:

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

That’s all there is to it.

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