VMware Fix the VC installer

So last evening I downloaded the newest version of VC 2.5 U2 so that I can take advantage of all the new features in ESX 3.5U2. All and all the upgrade went well however it does agitate me that during the upgrade of the VC I must manually fix the Virtual Center service by hand.

To get domain authentication the VMware Virtual Center Server service runs as a domain account which allows it to talk to our AD for permissions etc. However when the upgrade happens it resets this service to local system, then proceeds to hang at starting service till I go into services.msc and change it back to the domain account and start the service by hand.

I mean come on how hard would it be to either A) keep the current service credentials or B) ask for a service account or run as local system during the install.

Other than that gripe I think this is a great product update, allowing for hot cloning is huge for us as we’re never allowed to take anything down outside of the second Saturday of every month. No fun as I don’t want to work the weekend.

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